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Boreal is actively supporting projects across Western Canada, the United States and South America. Our client base includes power producers, mining companies, municipalities, environmental consultants and First Nations. Explore our featured projects below.

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Renewable Power Feasibility Study

Renewable Energy Development

Full-scope feasibility study for a proposed 7 MW hydroelectric peaking facility.

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Hydroelectric Project Condition Assessment

Renewable Energy Development

Due diligence condition assessment and capex forecasting for hydroelectric facility.


Civil/Mechanical Design Review

Renewable Energy Development

Design review and optimization for the under-construction Trio Creek Hydroelectric Project.

Design Flood Analysis

Hydrological Assessment

Design flood analysis for transportation infrastructure replacement program.

Water Licencing

Hydrological Assessment

Dam Failure Consequence Classification

Hydrological Assessment

Dam break analysis and inundation evaluation for four hydroelectric projects.

Environmental Assessment Review

Environmental Management

Technical review of proposed gold mine application.

Liquid Waste Dewatering

Environmental Management

Development of dewatering program for liquid organic waste.

Hydroelectric Project Due Diligence

Renewable Energy Development

Due diligence review in support of potential project acquisition.

Hydroelectric Power and Energy Study

Hydrotechnical Engineering

Energy forecasting for Sarita Run-of-River Project.

Hydroelectric Project Development

Renewable Energy Development

Owner’s Civil Representative for Clemina Creek Hydroelectric Project.